For Ryan Flaitz, the artist and creative mind behind Los Angeles-based persona, “Flaitz Whatever,” art has always been his greatest passion. Ryan was born and raised in the small city of Hornell, located in western New York State. Although he grew up in a small city, he has always felt more connected to big cities with a fast-paced mentality. Inspired by street art and city culture of big cities, Ryan began putting his inspiration into his work from a young age.

Ryan’s journey to full-time artist was a less traditional path than most. In 2007, Ryan founded the now popular, athletic brand, PSD Underwear. The brand’s clothing featured original designs and artwork by Ryan. He spent a decade developing, launching, and growing the start-up by traveling the country until Ryan ultimately landed in LA, where the company found its most success.

PSD is a company known for its involvement with professional athletes and celebrities and much like the art of Flaitz Whatever, the brand’s wild style is hard to miss. PSD’s success has allowed Ryan the freedom and time to fully dedicate himself to his personal and proprietary art, Flaitz Whatever. The meaning behind the name is simple: Flaitz being his last name and Whatever being the attitude that he can paint whatever he wants.

Flaitz Whatever art is known for its bright colors and unique cardboard medium stamped with the branding of his signature. Ryan is a freehand artist and enjoys using a material that is often discarded and transforming it into a work of art. Growing up in the 90s, it's clear where he finds his inspiration, hip-hop music, urban and sneaker culture, and sports. Flaitz Whatever regularly features pieces as part of series but it is always changing and evolving as Ryan grows as an artist.